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Hello again Final Fantasy Fanatics,

With the release of Dissidia: Final Fantasy Duodecim upon us in the next few weeks. Final Fantasyites such as ourselves ask, what will this title bring that the other didn’t. Well, as we heard previously heard there will be many different features available in the second instalment, including new characters such as Yuna, Tifa and Lightning (evening the playing field, since in the original Terra was the only girl you could play in story mode).

With these additions come another, just announced that Prishe from the not-so-talked-about Final Fantasy XI. The character from the online game will appear, though I doubt that many people will be thrilled to hear this, as most people though the game was terrible. I wouldn’t mind seeing what this little fiery purple haired girl can do.

Also, don’t think that they are just adding girls in to appease the horny fanboys. There are also male additions. And here is the complete list:

*There are no new additions from the first three Final Fantasy games.

*While it is believed that Terra Branford will be seeing another enemy (and/or ally) in this game, there has yet to be any confirmation.

*Also, there is still no word on the new additions to the Final Fantasy IX chapter, as yet.

Kain Highwind: The Final Fantasy IV star makes his debut appearance in the Dissidia realm.

Kain Highwind


Gilgamesh: Ex-Death’s right hand man returns for the Dissidia franchise.

Tifa Lockheart: I think everybody was heartbroken when this busty temptress didn’t make it

Tifa Lockheart

into the original. With her fiery attitude and rock-hard fists, Tifa seemed the perfect choice for an action game.

Aerith Gainsborough

Aerith Gainsborough: I know, I had a double take for this one too. I thought Aerith isn’t tough, what a terrible idea to put her in a game. But as I later discovered, she will be used as an assist, not a playable character.


Laguna Loire: Now this was an exciting one. I loved Final Fantasy VIII, and one of the reasons for this was the parallel storytelling within it. The Laguna’s character rivals that of Squall, so this should be interesting.


Yuna: This character has kind of a Aerith feel to it. Fortunately they will be having original Yuna, and not the terrible X-2 Yuna. We’ll just have to wait and see if she fits into the series.

Prishe: As I mentioned earlier. It was recently mentioned that this character would be added to the series.

Shanotto: This was one of the first character names to be released.



Vaan: This pubescent wannabe sky pirate, who was said to be the dumbest character of the entire series, is making an appearance for the


XII chapter.

Gabranth: This character from Final Fantasy XII will join the series as Vaan’s rival.

Lightning (AKA Claire Farron)

Lightning: The pink haired female version of cloud (but I still love her) will make her debut into the series, but she’s looking pretty lonely with no nemesis in there.

So, what are your thoughts? Should there be characters put in/taken out of the list? Who do you think should be Lightning’s nemesis? Post all your comments below. And post your news to the Highwind at

See ya later.



Good Morning Final Fantasy Fanatics,

I was browsing yesterday, looking for new material on Final Fantasy, when I descovered a new name that popped up. I hadn’t heard of this before Final Fantasy Type O. Hadn’t heard of it either? That may be because it was originally under the name of Final Fantasy Agito. This game, set to be release for the PSP…who knows when, is an alternative title to Final Fantasy XIII, much like Versus. The first HD trailer has been released and exiting news for fans, we get to see some FMV’s, ingame video, just a bit of everything. In typical Final Fantasy tradition, we are left asking more questions than when we started. This sequel is probably wedged somewhere betweeen Versus and XIII-2 in the level of excitement surrounding it.

So, after seeing what the trailer has to offer, we have found out that there is very little in this game that can be linked to Final Fantasy XIII or Versus. Though we can’t see much else.

Also, in addition to the trailer, there are, of course the screenshots. They’re kind of a mixed bag. Some of the screenshots like this one here to the right, showing us an image of what appears to be an action-based game, similar to that of Dissidia and Dirge of Cerberus. It does look as though it will not have the standard Final Fantasy format. But, it is hard to tell these days, I mean, XIII looked action based, but it still RPG style (even if half action.)

Another Garden?

But in some of the other pictures we see that all the characters seem to belong to a military school of some kind. Is it possible we are seeing another kind of Garden, like in Final Fantasy VIII. I hope so. I think a return to the classics of Final Fantasy is truly what this series needs.

And so again, just like the Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer, the descision is up to you. But, where does this sit in your pile of must-buy Final Fantasy games? Leave your comments below and don’t forget. You hear anything interesting, tell the Highwind at

See ya.


Final Fantasy XIII-2?!

Hey Final Fantasy Fanatics,

After the mixed reviews of Final Fantasy XIII, it could be argued that a sequel is not needed. I personally loved FFXIII, but I am in two minds about a sequel. I thought that Final Fantasy X-2 was not a worthy addition to the series, but will this be different? Recently, we have seen a trailer that pictures Lightning, sporting a medieval style costume. An English version recently surfaced [below].

While very little can be gathered about this game. We know that Lightning will return, but also that there is, what looks like, a newcomer. This may be an old character that has had a massive overhaul, but this character, who is a man (there has been the odd person confused.) who is, for some reason, Lightning’s new nemesis. Fortunately, it does seem as though Lightning is not in a pop band trio, so that is a good step (or leap) in the right direction. No plot or any other details have been released at this point, I will keep you posted when new news becomes available.

I don’t know if you guys agree, but I really loved the Final Fantasy XIII sotryline. I think that much like the Final Fantasy VIII, FFXIII‘s story was closed. I don’t think there would be any need and I think we are headed for another Final Fantasy X-2. Post comments below and tell me what you think.

I seriously hope that I am proven wrong, but like Fungo in Final Fantasy: Unlimted always used to say.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”


Hey all you Final Fantasy fans, welcome to the Highwind.

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